Cleric of Desna, worshipper of liberation and travel


After spending 103 years working in the mines of his native dwarven clan, Gamnol Hammerstone decided enough was enough. He was done working for the man. No more hammering stones all day for “the good of the clan”. No more returning home every day caked in dust, stone debris littering his beard. No, Gamnol Hammerstone declared, if he was going to hammer stones for anyone, it would be for himself. A century of subtle but steady oppression from the upper 1% of dwarves was enough, and Hammerstone staged a successful revolution among his fellow dwarven miners to overthrow the clan leaders and in their place install a dwarven democracy, of the dwarves, for the dwarves.

After the revolution Hammerstone realized there must be dozens of other oppressed peoples out there just waiting to be liberated. And so, with his new found life Hammerstone became a cleric of Desna, spreading the word of freedom throughout the realm.

Hammerstone is a middle aged, medium sized dwarf at 4’3 and 192 lbs with a well kept beard and is generally clean looking, for a dwarf. He prefers to wield a hammer and shield. He has a birthmark in the general shape of a butterfly on his waste line which he uses to channel the power of freedom.


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