Taz Lodder

Weapon Aficionado, Mid-life Crisis Fighter


Taz is 6’2, 220lb Human. He’s in shape, the way a 34 year old dad who goes to the gym twice a week is in shape. A little chub hides a pretty solid base of muscles. His black hair, which used to be nice and full, is now thinning, leaving a small bald spot that grows everday.


Taz Lodder was just your normal middle aged dad, that is, until he met Boneless. Taz never forgets that day – about a week after Barth, Somulous, Ruprect, and Boneless saved Nodington. He was selling bread out near the south gate of Nodington when up comes Boneless with a giant eel strung across his shoulders. Boneless then said something to Taz that he will never forget. “Fuck eels!”. Damn. Boneless was a man. A man’s man. A role model. Taz immediately dropped his steaming pile of bread, gave Boneless the hardiest nod of his life, went back to his home, grabbed his weapons, and never looked back. Taz knows the history of his weapons, now it is time to apply history to life.

Taz Lodder

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